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Sounds Like Festival VIII - Interventions
to Oct 6

Sounds Like Festival VIII - Interventions

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Manufacturing Entertainment Performance

Julie and I will be performing "When Once There Was" at the Sounds Like Festival October 4-6, 2018! We will be performing on Thursday night and are thrilled to be a part of the incredible line-up at this festival in the heart of the Canadian prairies.

For a full line up, please visit the Sounds Like URL at

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to Aug 31


TOPS (working title) is a new project of mine, conceived of as an electro-mechanical sculptural sound composition and performance tool comprised of 40 modified tin harmonic tops, each controlled via a set of linked Arduino microcontrollers.

This project was recently funded by the BC Arts Council and is currently in production. I expect to have a prototype completed in the next few months.

If you are interested in showing TOPS in your gallery or booking a performance, please contact me via the email in the ABOUT section

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When Once There Was (Ongoing)
to Aug 28

When Once There Was (Ongoing)

Watch the video:

There is a different audio only version on Soundcloud

There is a nine minute single shot determined by the currents of the Peace River under threat by BC Hydro and the SiteC dam project. Sound sources were recorded on location and in the depths of a hydro dam.

If the dam is completed this entire area, Indigenous burial and ceremonial land, and fertile farmland will be under water.

What you see here is not the final outcome of the artwork. There is a single shot version, and a performance rehearsal version.

#stopsitec #treaty8

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When Once There Was (production)
to Jul 29

When Once There Was (production)

We (Julie Gendron and I) will be conducting the first part of research and field recording for Julie's project "When Once There Was". We will be travelling to the Peace River Valley to the Site "C" Dam location to record audio and visual raw material to be used in a live A/V performance. The performance will be developed from the raw material we collect while travelling in the Valley.

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Both Sides Now
to Jan 8

Both Sides Now

Both Sides Now is an interactive video installation by Julie Gendron that is currently in development. I am creating complex layers of sound that will be triggered by audience members' presence, specific to one of two videos. The layers need to be interesting in their own right, but must also be able to work compositionally with every sound element in either video, triggered at random times.

The piece is about each individual’s struggle with inevitable change–inertia–accompanied with the ongoing internal discomfort displayed through hopeless and awkward control mechanisms.

For more information see:

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