created by manufacturing entertainment (emma hendrix + julie gendron)

Through the original workshop, led by artist/composer Giorgio Magnanensi, a group of participants focused on the use of noise-reduction-algorithms in a creative and compositional manner. Instead of utilizing denoising-techniques for the restoration of damaged audio signals, these processes were applied to field recordings of Vancouver China Town. We then manipulated and transferred the recorded material to analogue tapes to be played throughout the exhibition. The continually looping cassettes of the 'sonic detritus' would, over time, begin to deteriorate, adding a new layer of noise back in to the sounds. Audience members were able to experience the result of denoise/renoise process while lying on a waterbed in the gallery space.

Presented as part of CO-LAB: A Workshop + Exhibition Project - Co-presented by Centre A and Vancouver New Music

July 16 - August 20 2011

Other artists included in Co-Lab: Germaine Koh & Gillian Jerome, Andrew Lee & Jennifer Schine