repair club

presented at signal+noise

Sound design and installation for mixed media performance art/installation. Originally presented at VIVO Media Arts Centre for the Signal + Noise media art festival in Vancouver. Created with Sachiyo Takahashi, Victoria Singh, Velveeta Krisp, Tyler Wheatcroft and Crista Dahl.

90 o'clock

Created by Emma Hendrix + Byron Dauncey

A public Intervention of 90 plastic alarm clocks hidden in the grass along the railroad track in Vancouver's Strathcona neighborhood in 2008. The alarms were all set to go off at 9 o'clock. A Collaboration with Cameraman.

The sweet-hear-after

Presented as part of the group show mute(d)

The Sweet HearAfter casts a sideways glance at the art of self-censorship and was originally presented at MUTEd, a group exhibition show at VIVO Media Arts Centre in Vancouver.  The installation consisted of a 50 Kg bucket of Molasses, 1 x 15" speaker cone, and dissonant sound